July 9, 2015

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CFC - July 2015

Ready, Set, Benchmark!

Valuable industry reports do more than present rows of data; they spark introspection, conversation and action.

The PSDA Distributor Benchmarking Survey is that kind of report.

How does your company — its business operations, products and services, customer segments, marketing strategies, sales compensation plans and much more — stack up against competitors? That's not easy to figure out.

What are your distributor peers doing that you're not doing, and vice-versa? What blueprints can you snag, and what decisions can you make, to boost sales and profitability?

Order the exclusive 2015 PSDA Benchmark Study, and find out. You'll receive it right away.

The content of this report is relevant for distributors of all sizes and specialties as well as their channel partners. It tells the story of a dynamic industry – one marked by increasing diversity, consolidation and potential growth.

The Study began as an important call from the PSDA community — distributors wanted data showing perspectives and practices of their peers, and print manufacturers and suppliers wanted better insight into customers in order to better respond to distributors' needs.

That call has been answered. The 2015 PSDA Benchmark Study is a power-punch planning tool, packed with information on sales strategies and internal practices. Distributors and manufacturers are already taking the data and applying it to their businesses. Don't you want to get in on this insider information too?

Visit the PSDA website and find out how to get your copy of the Benchmark Study today.

Glatfelter - July 2015


PEAK Awards Submission Open – Submit Early for a Discounted Rate

Tell PSDA your story. Have you solved a client problem or created a new product? Solutions in this industry begin with end user challenges. To you it may just be everyday work; to PSDA your work is innovation. The goal of the PEAK Awards is to showcase your story and hard work in this ever changing industry. Entries will be accepted through Sept. 4. Submit your innovative project by July 31, 2015, and receive a discounted rate on your entry fee.

Click here to submit today.
Print Innovation: A Live Case Study

There is always so much excitement and idea building around innovation in the Print industry particularly during the Young Innovators Conference. Yet how many of us are implementing this innovation into our business? Join us for this webinar hosted by Gordon Klepec with Wright Business Graphics. Gordon will discusses what his company has done to create, plan and implement new ideas and what results have come of them. This webinar is beneficial for those who did or did not attend the Young Innovators Conference.

Please join us on July 15 at 11 a.m. CST.
Lancer Label February 2015

Member and Industry News

Navitor Expands Online Spot Color Offering

In addition to the spot color letterhead, stationary envelopes and business cards that Navitor already offers, the Minnesota-based company has recently expanded their offerings online to include business envelopes, mailing envelopes and short-run Post-It Notes.

The new products, according the director of business development Michael Johnson, is another step in the direction of position Navitor as a one-stop shop for customers. "We're excited to make most popular one-color business envelopes and Post-It Notes just a click away," he said.

To celebrate and promote the new offerings, Navitor is offering special introductory pricing. Navitor resellers can save up to 15 percent on the company's entire online selection of spot color prints.
Safeguard Acquires USFI Inc.

Proceedings on another Safeguard acquisition were completed July 1. The distributor now controls the assets of another Dallas-based company, USFI Inc.

USFI Inc., originally known as U.S. Forms Inc., was founded in 1984 as a forms management program provider. USFI has since expanded to include services such as branding, creative, production and printing capabilities, positioning itself as a single-source marketing solutions firm.

Safeguard Acquisitions Inc. director and vice president R. Scott Sutton is pleased with the deal. "We are extremely enthusiastic about the future opportunities available as a result of the USFI transaction," he said. "The USFI team... has established themselves as leaders in several vehicles, which will further broaden the scope of leadership and excellence brought to the market by Safeguard."

Safeguards other recent acquisitions include Fontis Solutions Inc., Financial Institution Supplies Inc., Print Management and assets of Team MCH and QBF Inc.
Innovation on Deck for drupa 2016

The world's leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions, drupa 2016, has refreshed its approach to the industry's top themes for its next annual event. The revamped and innovative event program will feature myriad applications for printed products across many industries and areas of life.

This year's conference differs from past events in 2008 and 2012 in many ways, not the least of which is the structured thematic approach to the conference’s six big ideas: multichannel, print, functional printing, 3-D printing, package production and green printing.

Each session will discuss best practice case studies for not only each big idea, but what happens when efforts are combined. For example, functional printing and packaging printing together have a special impact, as would 3-D printing and sustainability. Through this expanded range of interdisciplinary concepts, drupa cube aims to address unique challenges in many industries at this innovative conference.

Brand experience agency FreemanXP, a division of large event company Freeman, is handling the strategic and creative design of the program, as well as its execution. FreemanXP has previously shown through conferences for HP and GRAPH EXPO that it can handle an event of this caliber and demographic.

The specifics for drupa cube 2016 are still being finalized, but a provisional program is expected to be published soon at
Print Preferred, Finds Two Sides Survey

A new survey conducted recently looked into consumer preferences for digital versus printed communications. Two Sides, a global organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper, commissioned the survey and conducted it in partnership with international research company Toluna. Consumers from the United Kingdom and the United States were polled on a number of issues related to paper-based and digital media.

The results showed that more than 88 percent of the respondents indicated that they understood, retained or used information better when they read print on paper. Only 64 percent said this about information consumed onscreen. When reading complicated documents, 80 percent of people vastly preferred reading on paper. Printed media was also found to be more relaxing to read by 81 percent of respondents, compared to the 62 percent that found reading on electronic devices to be relaxing.

The Two Sides survey also showed that 68 percent of those polled indicated a belief in education from books: 68 percent felt that using books would encourage learning and other skills, and 63 percent worried that children would not learn as much without physical books.

Ultimately, the Two Sides survey showed that though acceptance of digital media is a growing trend and generally popular among younger age groups, there is still a strong preference for printed physical media.

Download the Two Sides survey report here.
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