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Webinar: December 12, 2-3 PM ET
What Can I Do? – Caring for the Transgender Patient
Presented by Paula M. Neira MSN, JD, RN, CEN, Clinical Program Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health

This presentation provides clinicians and non-clinicians of all levels of experience and working in varied clinical settings with fundamental information to improve their ability to provide culturally competent, welcoming, and supportive care to transgender patients. Three language skills will be demonstrated and areas that provide challenges and opportunities to improving care in clinical settings will be presented.

Reflections on a Talk I Heard...
Shared by Carol Santalucia, Director of Service Excellence, Cleveland Clinic
I recently had the privilege of hearing Atul Gawande, M.D. speak. I am so impressed with his clarity and compassion around difficult end of life issues. He began by saying that we really need to ASK people what is important to them. However, he pointed out that when we frame it as the choice between “doing everything” or “making me comfortable” the patient can feel abandoned. 
What Would You Do?
You are in meeting preparing for Joint Commission. One of regulatory requirements being discussed is suicide precautions. While in the meeting, you ask, what message do we give patients when a room is being prepared for suicide precautions. The response you receive is: “It doesn’t matter; safety trumps service." How would you respond?
Email your response to this What Would You Do? to Carol Santalucia for possible inclusion in our January/February Newsletter.
The PX Press Bookstore provides a library of resources designed for those that contribute to a positive healthcare experience for patients, families and the community. Current patient advocacy publications include:
  • In the Name of the Patient: The Patient Advocate Role in a Healthcare Facility
  • A Patient-Centered Approach to Handling Complaints and Grievances
  • The Written Word: Guidelines for Responding in Writing to Patient Concerns
  • The Sky is Falling...So They Called Me: Volumes One and Two
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Recommended Reading
The PAC Leadership team recommends you read The New England Journal of Medicine's article, A View from the Edge — Creating a Culture of Caring by Dr. Rana Awdish. This article shares the story of how illuminating failures can begin authentic conversation about shared purpose, resilience and building an engaged culture.
A Note from Your PAC Leaders

As our Patient Advocacy Community continues to grow, we have received feedback that people want more opportunities to be connected with each other. We have taken this request/need seriously, and have worked hard over this year to create opportunities for this to happen.

Below are a few of those opportunities:

Connection Calls
These are calls based on a particular topic, in which we ask a leader/expert in that topic to kick the conversation off with some talking points and then open up the call to discussion. We’ve had some great discussions, including topics such as Engaging the C-Suite in the Patient Experience. Topic recommendations are welcome.  

PAC Dinner
As you are making arrangements to join The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Conference 2018, April 16-18 in Chicago, IL, please join us for the PAC dinner held the night before on Sunday, April 15, for a great time of networking and fun. 

PX Connect
Replacing PX Listservs, the new PX Connect community offers enhanced discussion capabilities, improved member directory search, granular privacy controls, centralized subscription management and resource sharing. If you haven't had an opportunity to explore, I encourage you to do so in the Patient Advocacy discussion group.


PAC Leaders
Kate Clarke, Kim Pedersen
and Carol Santalucia

The bi-monthly PAC Update is authored directly by members of the Patient Advocacy Community. To contribute to a future publication contact a member of the PAC leadership team.
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