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COVID-19: Funding and Manag ing Team Morale
Monday\, March 30\, 202 0 \; \;
2pm ET / 1pm CT / 11am PT
Audience Log-in URL: \ ;
Dial-in Number: 863-208-0120&n bsp\; | \; Attendee PIN: 954 8393#

(Presenters will receive a log in)


With special guests:

Barbara (Barb) Carson\, Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Government Contract ing at the U.S. Small Business Administration. \;

Courtney Fairchild\, \;Presi dent &\; CEO\, Global Services\, Inc

Hear up to the minute busin ess policy and funding information from the Hill\; and tips for leading an d engaging teams in the social distancing era. \;


This webinar will be moderated by WIPP President &\; CEO \;Candace Waterman \;and will feature the \;WIPP Advocacy Team.

We welcome questions from the audience. \; \;
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