There is no entering the global stage without a suitable banking network. Following a single bank strategy or using just one banking group likely will not meet the needs of all markets. The obstacle: finding a banking structure that will cater to both old and new markets. This is a time-consuming and complex process that raises many questions: How do I know which bank best meets my needs? What will this cost me? Do I need to comply with any regulations or legislation? Jumping all the administrative hurdles of international banking can be a  

nightmare. BELLIN's mission is to create global transparency in transaction banking by revolutionizing this administrative bank onboarding process for corporate clients. How can we make transaction banking transparent and efficient? How can we streamline the process of connecting to a bank? BELLIN's groundbreaking new approach here is the concept of the Virtual Network Bank. The key to improved transparency is standardization. By providing access to a virtual bank network that includes suitable banks in any country and for any requirements, BELLIN paves the way for effortless international banking.