Innovation Award Winner

What the judges said:

DBS Bank is fast gaining a reputation for innovation with what is effectively an internal FinTech arm. Their clever Prism platform is the most interesting development we have seen from a bank that solves a huge treasury problem of optimising your Asian pooling and treasury structures. This tool, open to all corporates and at no cost, allows you to map the efficiency of your pooling structures as well as payment practices throughout Asia. Easy to use and intuitive, they have taken an extremely difficult problem for companies and found a great way to display if your current solution is optimal or not and then, more importantly, how to optimise it.

Digital technology is transforming and inspiring new working practices. Treasurers and CFOs are increasingly relying on their bank's advisory services to help articulate the value proposition of digitisation, and identify where the greatest value can be added. Following extensive engagement with the corporate treasury community, DBS launched DBS Treasury Prism, a revolutionary digital solutioning and insights platform that lets users create customised simulations of cash management structures to derive optimised outcomes for their business, within the context of risk, return and regulation. The platform offers multi-dimensional views of potential solutions, identifying new opportunities and obstacles, and providing guidance on regulatory and tax implications, all whilst delivering insights on local market practices. Employing design thinking and Agile practices, DBS Treasury Prism has been developed to deliver a truly new digital solutioning and insights capability for Treasurers and CFOs to optimise cash management and maximse value for their enterprise.