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Nursing Informatics Australia (NIA) is a special interest group of the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) and is the pre-eminent group of nursing informaticians in Australia.

This HISA SIG is a good reference point to learn about the developments in Nursing Informatics both nationally and internationally.

Over the last decade the health care environment has seen a transformation of work practices and an explosion in the use of information and communication technologies.

NIA aims to enable the priorities for nursing informatics in Australia such as appropriate language, education and ongoing research to become a reality. It will engender nursing to embrace information and communication technologies, and establish strong foundations for taking these developments forward. It will also ensure nursing has the data and resources to continue to provide evidence-based, quality, cost-effective and outcome-driven care for patients and clients into the future.

For any further information please contact us via contact@niaonline.org.au


NeHTA - Clinical Knowledge Manager

Anyone interested in being involved in the development of nursing data standards for use within health information systems should click the above link and Sign Up. You can then have your input into these developments by NeHTA.

The more Nurses we can get using this site the better the data quality. The site is based on Archetypes but do not let this stop you (if you do not what these are) as it is a matter of reviewing aspects you are interested in and make comments to the Editors.

Take some time to look around and if any questions please contact: contact@niaonline.org.au