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The inaugural Data Governance event on 19 & 20 May 2011 is now over: this site remains for archival purposes. HISA and it's healthcare management informatics & computing (health-mic) special interest group invite you to attend the second Data Governance event on 29 & 30 March 2011.

The event will be of interest to healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health informaticians, health policy makers, and academics.

The Concept

This will be an Australian first event dedicated to the issue of data governance in healthcare. Data and information (and the integrity of both) are critical to organisational decision making and monitoring in healthcare, and increasingly so in the environment proposed by the new national healthcare reform agenda.

This event will introduce manager and executives, healthcare leaders and information professionals to the concept of data governance and its underpinnings; and will act as an informative introductory forum to this rapidly expanding specialist area which is getting a foothold in the Australian healthcare industry.

Why attend

From a clinical data perspective, health information is fundamental to healthcare at every level from the uber-macro level of global health system appraisal and strategy to the micro level of individual personal healthcare services available to patient consumers . However, despite the recognised importance, the quality of the health information landscape in Australia does not effectively support activities such as health surveillance, guidance for policy, service planning, innovation and clinical and operational decision-making . A new term, e-iatrogenesis, has been coined to describe patient harm caused at least in part by the application and use of health information technology.

In an environment of exponentially increasing use of information systems in healthcare it is increasingly difficult to control the information in these systems which are becoming integral tools in patient care and health service management. Issues such as data quality and validity, privacy management and data disclosure and data ownership are difficult to address and are of concern to patients, healthcare providers and health service managers. Information Governance provides a platform that promotes quality, safe, valid and ethical use surrounding information use in electronic information systems. This meeting will provide guidance on the issues surrounding data and information governance and how it can be used to increase the power of the information required to inform decision making and direct practice.

From a health service management and policy perspective, attendees can expect to see the following areas addressed:

Data Governance: Concepts, current concerns and emerging issues

Data Governance in Practice

Data access and availability

From an information management and data governance (DG) implementation perspective, attendees could expect to learn the following things as a result of attending an event about DG:

From an academic perspective, DG in healthcare is an important research challenge in the health informatics space. This event will provide an opportunity for academic researchers to:

We encourage you to register to attend this event and look forward to bringing you more details on this exciting inaugural event as they come to hand. We trust you share our excitement at what such an event could offer the Australian health informatics landscape.