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8.00am Registration desk opens
8.45am Plenary 1: Opening and Welcome : Dr Chris Bain Data Governance Conference Chair &  Fran Thorn   Department of Health, Victoria
9.00am Plenary 2: Jeff Schmitt, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (USA)
9.45.am Plenary 3: NEHTA John Zelcer, National E-Health Transition Authority
10.30am Morning tea & Poster Presentations
11.00am Concurrent Sessions 1, 2 & 3

Concurrent 1 - DG Framework

The conflict between health processes and information
Robert Hillard Deloitte

Shared Patient Records“ international lessons learnt for data governance and quality
Janette Bennett BT Health

Establishing a Data Governance Framework
Janaka Dissanayake Ernst  & Young

Information Governance and the Population Health Research Network
Felicity Flack Population Health Research Network


Concurrent 2 - Data Quality

One of Data Governance First Principles, "Data Quality"?
Ronald Hicks Biostatistician

A practical case study in data quality management and operational analytics to improve resource management, reduce patient absenteeism and secure additional funding
Mark Matthews BizData

Improving data quality in general practice: The governance approach adopted by General Practice Queensland
David Millichap General Practice Queensland

Widespread Uptake and Use of a Primary Care Data Tool by General Practices in Victoria
Ross Nable General Prcatice Victoria


Concurrent 3 - Stakeholder perspectives

General Practice Data Governance Council - governance principles in secondary use of general practice data
Judy Evans RACGP

Data Governance - An Aged Care Perspective
Pat Grantham Eldercare Incorporated

Where did the consumer go?
Jennifer Heath University of Wollongong

Priviledged information: DG implications in psychology
David Stokes The Australian Psychological Society

12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Concurrent Sessions 4, 5 & 6

Concurrent 4 - DG Framework

Data Governance - excrutiationgly dull or an essential component in meeting global megatrends
Emma Hossack Extensia

Data Governance Lessons from Large Scale, Multi-Centre, Multi-Modal Clinical Research Studies
Simon McBride

Data Quality Strategy and Framework for the National Projects. Example of the National Healthcare Identification System
Tatiana Stebakova NEHTA

It's no accident that practical information security leads to effective and sustainable data governance.
Patricia Williams Edith Cowan University


Concurrent 5 - Managing Access

Data and Victoria's Human Services Directory
Laurie Hawkins Department of Health, Victoria and Steve Toal DCA

Developing a Centre for Geospatial Analysis in Primary Health Care
Paul Macdonald General Practice Victoria

Governance issues in clinical information access, confidentiality and secondary use: a practical framework for clinical services
Susan Smith The Prince Charles Hospital, Queensland Health

Who should have access to identifiable patient and clinician-level data in clinical registries?
Sue Evans Monash University


Concurrent 6 - Problems in Health Systems

Data governance and monitoring quality of care in cancer
Neville Board Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Why more data when we don't interrogate what we have?
Paddy Dewan Wee Kids Foundation

Data related problems
Alexandra Gorelik Royal Melbourne Hospital

Setting the stage for right answers: Lessons from the data coalface of a tertiary centre Intensive Care Unit
Chris Van Leuvan The Canberra Hospital

3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm Plenary 4: Prof Louisa Jorm, University of Western Sydney
4.15pm Plenary 5:   Michael Steine , NCS
5.00pm Day 1 Closing Remarks        Dr Chris Bain
5.15pm -7.00pm Networking Reception

FRIDAY 20 MAY 2011
8.30am Registration desk opens
8.45am Plenary 6: David Kalisch, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
9.30am Plenary 7: Grant Robinson, International Association for Information and Data Quality
10.15am Plenary 8: Stan Capp, InterSystems
11.00am Morning tea
11.30am Concurrent Sessions 7 & 8

Concurrent 7 - Business/Clinical Intelligence

Interfacing computer systems: delight or despair?
Janette Collier Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing

National reporting arrangements for clinical quality registries
Neville Board Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Data Persistence in the Face of Changing Information Technology
Jon Patrick The University of Sydney

Cheap Cheerful and Creative - How to improve an organisation through a clinical data governance approach
Chris Farmer St Andrews Private Hospital


Concurrent 8 - DG -  A Research Perspective

Illawarre-MEDICAL: Instrumenting a health network for large-scale medical data gathering
Aditya Ghose University of Wollongong

Record Linkage and Data Quality
Mary Lam The University of Sydney

Data Governance for the Healthcare Challenges of the 21st Century
Timothy Moon Zenith Solutions

Linking healthcare databases “ the research perspective
Naomi Rafael BioGrid Australia

1.00pm Lunch
1.45pm Workshops 1, 2 & 3

Workshop 1 - Data Governance at the Coalface
Susan Smith

This workshop will address issues in Data Governance that affect information and health professionals at the operational level. You will learn some practical strategies addressing data quality and best practice operating principles for clinical data collections. Attendees may include Informaticians, Clinical Data Managers and Custodians, Nursing staff responsible for clinical information systems, clinicians, Healthcare Practice Managers, analysts and researchers. Feedback from the group is intended to define knowledge gaps to instruct further development in the field.


Workshop 2 - Data Governance for Managers
Dr Campbell Miller

Does your organisation have an effective Data Governance program? How would you measure and assess the program? Using cases studies, this workshop will highlight key issues in designing, implementing and maintaining a Data Governance program in healthcare organisations. The workshop aims to provide healthcare executives, managers and policy makers with ideas and resources to help developing an effective program in your organisation.  


Workshop 3 - Data Governance: safely providing quality information for quality care
Fiona Watson

How do we achieve the right balance between the appropriate use of information to support high quality care, whilst safeguarding information confidentiality?     Access to information must be based on legitimate reasons and be in the interests of the patient. The workshop will discuss this further, focussing on areas of quality of care, risk management and consumer involvement, using case study examples of where things have gone wrong. Find out and discuss the improvement strategies and also the legal do's and don'ts.

3.15pm Afternoon tea and Exhibition
3.45pm Collated Feedback “panel, Jeff Schmitt, Dr Chris Bain & workshop facilitators
4.30pm Thank you & Closing Remarks Dr Chris Bain
4.45pm Close of conference