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Fran Thorn Fran Thorn, Secretary, Department of Health

Fran Thorn was appointed Secretary of the Department of Health, which was created in August 2009 to ensure a truly integrated approach to health, mental health and aged care. The new department is pursuing an enhanced focus on prevention and early intervention, as well as addressing the demands on the Victorian health system occurring as a result of the ageing population and complexity of clients.

Between 2007 and 2009, Fran was Secretary of the Department of Human Services, predecessor to the Department of Health. DHS encompassed health, community services, housing, aged care, disability and emergency management. Between 2005and early 2007, Fran was Secretary of the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development. Immediately prior to this role she was with the Department of Sustainability and Environment as Under Secretary, Portfolio Performance. From 2002 to mid 2004 she was a Deputy Secretary of the Policy and Cabinet Group in the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Between 1996 and 2001 Fran was a Director of KPMG Consulting Pty Ltd, in Australia and then Hong Kong. Whilst at KPMG, Fran primarily consulted to the education sector and Government, providing advice on policy implementation, program evaluation strategy, costing and refocussing service delivery and future directions at Government and the funded institution level. Prior to joining KPMG, Fran had 17 years experience in public sector administration, with approximately half of that in post compulsory education and training, where she held senior management roles with major policy development, budget, staffing, program management and strategic planning functions. She has been actively involved in managing implementation of reforms in government service delivery in education and training at a system-wide level and in the management of human resources at a public sector-wide level.