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Saint Mary's University of Minnesota MSGIS Program Update

Program News

The Department of Resource Analysis (RA) is planning a new development of lab facilities on the Winona campus and is continuing to benefit from technology growth on the Twin Cities campus. RA is working on solidifying plans to expand and advance the technology facilities on the Winona Campus. Plans are underway to redevelop existing lab space to maximize instructional benefits offered by the latest in technology instruction. The Winona campus features a 24-7 lab access policy that features the latest in GIS software capabilities. The Twin Cities technology facilities continue to be expanded while offering full wireless capabilities and state-of-the-art technology in the classroom.

                  Saint Mary's Winona Campus                                              GeoSpatial Services - Winona, MN

The GeoSpatial Services (GSS) project center (above right) also provides development opportunities for RA graduate learners through part-time employment opportunities on the Winona campus. A significant volume of project work is expected to continue through the upcoming summer, fall and winter semesters. RA learners choosing to pursue the traditional, 18-24 month degree in Winona may qualify for employment with GeoSpatial Services pending available project work. Learners with little or no prior experience in GIS have benefited greatly from the employment experience that GSS provides and have found themselves to be more marketable with career opportunities upon graduating from the program.

Learner News

Ryan Brueske of the Twin Cities program is involved with an exciting opportunity with his graduate research. Ryan is in the preliminary stages of garnering support to establish a network of surveillance security cameras that he is working to integrate into community crime prevention plans. Following implementation of the surveillance network, Ryan's objectives will then be to use GIS to analyze crime patterns using data collected from surveillance security. He hopes to use both forms of technology to analyze:

  • "Hot Spot" activity (documenting suspicious behavior in criminal hot spots)
  • "Community Impact Statements Online" (ability to match mug shots to pictures and video in the system to build a court complaint)
  • "Video and Photo Archive" (ability to watch and retrace potential criminals from one camera to another in the system.
  • "Problem Properties" (ability to document, report problems, and learn other neighbors' experiences with a property)

Ryan believes the integration of GIS and camera systems will radically improve the quality of life for families and children of communities using the network of security measures. He hopes that the security camera system can be monitored by residents and will not add a burden to police departments. Ryan is convinced that his project will also reinforce and unite block clubs and will build relationships and community in the neighborhoods.

Graduate News

The department would like to extend our congratulations to the most recent RA graduates: Chad Richtman, Lane Urtel, Wallis Turner, Ben Schlawin, Charlie Teff, Andrew Eischens, Tom Sandberg, Nicole Stecker, Carrie Jones (Drazkowski), Jen Rand, Beth Knudsen, Robert Marros and Robert Mueller Jr.

Summer Course Offerings

The following courses are scheduled for the summer semester of 2006 in Minneapolis:

RA631 Visual Basic.NET Programming (2 cr)
RA633 VB ArcObjects Programming (2 cr)
RA GIS Distance Learning Courses per degree requirements
GM/PRM (General Management/Project Management) courses per degree requirements

In Winona, summer semester 2006 courses include:

RA562 Advanced ArcView (3 cr)
RA633 VB ArcObjects Programming (2 cr)
RA640 ArcIMS (2 cr)
RA Directed Studies - Explorations (1 cr)
RA GIS Distance Learning Courses per degree requirements

Contact Information

For more information on either the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGIS) degree or the University accredited GIS Certification, please visit our website at or contact John Ebert, Assistant Program Director at or at 507-457-6961.


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