HIC 2008 Expo TV

A number of Expo TV clips broadcast during HIC '08 are now available to view and download. All clips are in wmv format and require Windows Media Player.

Katerina Andronis
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Melbourne

Mike Bainbridge

Peter Croll
Better Life ICT

Lorraine Fernandes,
Initiate Systems, USA

Jude Foster
MiVitals Technology

Michael Georgeff
Monash University

Michael Gill
CISCO Australia

Heather Grain
Austin Centre for Applied Clinical Information

Brendan Kelly,
New Zealand Health Information Service

Michael Legg
President, HISA

Hugh Leslie
Ocean Informatics

Heather Leslie
Ocean Informatics

Chris Lindop
GE Healthcare

Brendan Lovelock

George Margelis
Intel Australia

Peter MacIsaacs
Queensland Health

Philip Robinson
Sharjah Teaching Hospital, UAE

Loane Skene
Melbourne Law School

Jeffrey Soar
University of Southern Queensland

Gerard Stevens

Tori Wade
University of Adelaide

Jim Warren
University of Auckland

David Whitlinger
Continua Health Alliance, USA