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Don Walker Award

Glynda Summers for kristy Brown EFFECTIVENESS

With existing technology and a simple idea we reduced the queues and cured the patient flow blues

Kristy Brown1, Adelle Collins2

1Redcliffe & Caboolture Hospitals, 2Queensland Health

Tracey Cocciolone


Health informatics capabilities - Queensland Healthof tomorrow

Tracey Cocciolone, Ellen Cumberland

eHealth Program, Queensland Health

Marienne Hibbert


Viewing cancer patient data across organisations over the internet

Marienne Hibbert 5, 1, Jason Lohrey2, Naomi Rafael 1, Michael Harold 3, Julie Johns 1, Mario Guerrieri 4, Ian Jones 6, Peter Gibbs 1,3,6

1BioGrid Australia, 2 Arcitecta, 3Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, 4 Radiation Oncology Victoria, 5University of Melbourne, 6Royal Melbourne Hospital

branko Cesnik Award

Mapping the Queensland Health iPharmacy Medication File to the Australian Medicines Terminology using Snapper. Development of an automated physical activity classification application for mobile phones.
Amy Chu - John Barned best student hang ding

Jude Michel1, Michael J Lawley2, Amy Chu1, John Barned3

1Queensland Health, 2AEHRC & 3NEHTA

Ying Xia1, Vivian Cheung1,2, Elsa Garcia1, Hang Ding1, Mohan Karunaithi1

1AEHRC, 2University of Queensland

Hisa Media Award

hisamedia Award Winner: Sally Glass - CHIK Services, eHealthspace
Sally Glass

The HIC 2011 Branko Cesnik Awards

The Branko Cesnik Awards are for the best accepted scientifi c HIC paper and best accepted scientific student HIC paper. The awards are a testament to Branko’s indepth knowledge, leadership and spirit of cooperation in all things health informatics. Branko was one of the founding members of the Health Informatics Society of Australia, the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics (APAMI) and the Australian College of Health Informatics (ACHI). He was also a member of the Board of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), Vice-President of Membership, senior editor of the Medinfo ‘98 Proceedings (Korea). The Branko Cesnik awards recognise his work and give life to further developments in health informatics in Australia. HIC 2011 accepted papers are eligible for these awards.



2010 WINNERS Johanna Westbrook, University of Sydney Yulong Gu, University of Auckland

The Awards will be presented in the HIC 2011 closing ceremony.


The HIC 2011 Don Walker Awards

Dr Don Walker is a pioneer in the application of computers in Australian health care. With an untiring commitment to the field that has spanned many decades, Don has made an invaluable contribution to Australian health informatics, particularly in the area of terminology. It is in his spirit of continuous innovation that the Health Informatics Society of Australia established the HISA Don Walker Awards. Award categories are Efficiency, Effectiveness and Access. Nominees for an award, either individual or group, can come from any sector of the direct healthcare and associated industries and must have demonstrated that their work has improved patient outcomes through the use of innovative technological solutions. The awards will be presented at the HIC Gala Dinner.

2010 WINNER Justin Boyle

The HIC 2011 HISA Media Awards

The HISA Media Awards are for excellence in journalism relating to health informatics. HISA members have been invited to nominate for the 2011 HISA Media Awards. The HISA Media Awards are for excellence in journalism relating to health informatics. The award is for a media or communications professional who is judged to have best portrayed issues within the field of health informatics and e-health. The judging panel will be made up of the HISA Board of Directors and selected adviser/s as determined by the Board. Entries are being judged on the following criteria, in order of importance: • Effectiveness in giving readers / listeners / viewers a greater awareness and understanding of the importance and value to the community of the work of health informatics and health informaticians. • Audience appeal and relevance • Accuracy and objectivity • Presentation