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Health Informatics: Are We Good at Innovating in E-Health?

Reprising his role from HIC 2010, the ABC's Tony Jones is back for the HISA Q&A Panel to kick off HIC 2011.

This will be will be an interactive panel and HISA members and delegates are invited to submit their questions to panelist by clicking the below link.

Panelists will discuss the issues and answer your questions around the theme of "are we good at innovating in e-health?".

Not to be missed!

As a HISA member and/or a delegate to HIC 2011 you are invited to pose a question to the Q&A Panel. Similar to the TV show our host Tony Jones will read a selection of questions. Your name and organisation will be read out in association with your question if chosen. The demographic information you provide will be retained securely by HISA and not used for any other purpose.

Panel Members

Lisa Pettigrew, CSC

Prof John Wilson, Alfred Hospital

Prof Enrico Coeira, University of NSW

Brad Howarth, LaGrange Point Media

Mike Walsh, author

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Part of the Official Opening, 3.30pm; Q&A begins 4.30pm

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