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This Roundtable Meeting will explore the potential and challenges of using e-health technologies and data analytics to improve health services for, and the health of, Australia's indigenous people. It will describe the current 'state of the art', identify areas for improvement and articulate barriers to be overcome. Current strategies and developments in Australia will be outlined and compared with those in New Zealand and Canada. As well as providing participants with a clear view of Australia's indigenous informatics landscape, the Roundtable will generate recommendations on practical actions that can be taken to improve indigenous health via contemporary informatics strategies.

Speakers include:

Teresa Wall (New Zealand) - Deputy Director General, Maori Health, Ministry of Health NZ

Don Newsham (Canada), developer of the national e-health strategy for the First Nations and aboriginal communities of Canada

The Situation Over the past ten years the growth of computers and data linking technologies has begun to transform the way we provide healthcare. Models of care are evolving from a paradigm where we respond to an individual's care needs as they arise, to an approach that looks at prevention strategies across entire populations.

Health information and the science of health informatics are critical to underpin these evolving approaches and there is a mature movement and professional body that are driving this agenda in mainstream health environments.

This mainstream agenda is understood and appropriate in most acute, sub-acute and primary care environments. The application of health informatics in an indigenous environment needs to take note of particular aspects that are unique to indigenous communities. Aspects such as increased privacy sensitivities; healthcare in an indigenous context is holistic and includes the entire family and community context as well as a spiritual dimensions; and IM/ICT capability in communities and access to support is often limited.

The emergence of community controlled health services that have to run their own IM/ICT and national e-health funding having indigenous health as one of its foci has generated a lot of activity in the indigenous IM/ICT space over the past year. This has also identified a need for a focused discussion on what is required to ensure our indigenous communities are successful in term of ensuring that informatics underpins their health and wellbeing strategies.

Objective The Health Informatics Society of Australia have decided to step up and facilitate a workshop that will aim to commence a new Indigenous Informatics program in Australia to support our communities rural, regional and metropolitan to develop informatics strategies and capabilities to support and drive their health and wellbeing programs.

IIC Workshop Outline The inaugural Indigenous Informatics workshop presents an opportunity for delegates to hear from international and national speakers on both the innovations and barriers to progressing Indigenous Informatics programs, as well as being able to actively participate in developing the strategy and shaping the Indigenous Informatics agenda during the concluding workshop session.

Who Should Attend Health workers, community representatives, clinicians, IM/ICT industry, academics, NGO and government representatives from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


9.00am Welcome to Country

9.15am Opening address from workshop Chair Tam Shepherd

9.30am Laying the challenge - what is the current state and where are the issues

10.15am Facilitated discussion to identify barriers

11.00am Morning Tea

11.20am The international experience Canada and New Zealand

12.30pm Lunch

1.10pm Local experience NT and QLD

2.30pm Strategy Areas - Panel discussion on the key focus areas for an indigenous strategy Facilitated Design  Workshop

3.30pm Action plan within strategy areas. Small group session

Attendance fees for this event are as follows: HISA Member - $280 / Non-Member - $320 / Student Member - $120 / Student Non-Member $150