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Annual Conference
October 2-4, 2002

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12th Annual Conference & Workshops
Conference Sessions

Thursday Conference Program

7:30 a.m. Conference Registration and Materials Pick-Up

8:30 a.m. Opening Plenary Session

  • John Monson USDA-Farm Service Agency - Promoting Partnerships to Improve Homeland Security

  • Paul Olson, Minnesota DNR - Mapping Ground Zero: Partnerships in Action

10:00 a.m. Break - Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall Opens and Poster Display Begins

10:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

Session A - Statewide Issues

  • Panel: Minnesota's I-Plan: A Roadmap for Minnesota's Spatial Data Infrastructure~ David Arbeit, LMIC;Will Craig, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs; Jay Wittstock, Wright County; Hank Garie, New Jersey Office of Information Technology and others

Session B - Water Resources

  • Aquatic Vegetation Surveys Using High Resolution IKONOS Imagery~ Leif G. Olmanson, Marvin E. Bauer, Patrick L. Brezonik University of Minnesota

  • Integrating Wetland Mitigation Site Planning and Management with GIS~ Dan Schmidt and Sarah Emery, HDR Inc., Benjamin J. Timerson, MNDOT

  • Mapping and Measuring Marsh Water Tables and Lake Sediment Deltas~ David Bauer, Ramsey SWCD, Terry Noonan, Ramsey County Public Works, Curtis Pratt, Ramsey County Public Works

Session C - Land Use Planning

  • GIS Modeling in Land Use Planning~ Lonnie Meinke, Winona County

  • GIS for Current Planning, Camp Ripley Encroachment~ Robert Bixby, St. Cloud State University

  • Software for Land Use Management: Modelling with GIS~ Sodeinde Olalekan Rasheed, UNILAG, Nigeria

Session D - Data Development

  • Handheld GIS: Dakota County's Research Into Solutions and Applications~ Joe Sapeltal, Dakota County

  • High Resolution DEM for Saint Paul~ Jeffrey L. Grosso, Saint Paul Public Works, Salah Ezzaoudi, Waggoner Engineering, Inc.

  • Breaking the GIS Data Bottleneck: Advancements in Field Data Collection~ Steven H. Gilkey, GEOSPAN Corporation

Session E - Remote Sensing

  • Detecting Oak Wilt in Eagan, Minnesota, Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery~ Marvin Bauer, University of Minnesota

  • Limitations and Applications of Digital Orthophotography~ Mark Steward, Ayres Associates

  • Estimation and Mapping of Impervious Surface Area with High Resolution Satellite Imagery~ Nathan Heinert and Marvin Bauer, University of Minnesota

Product Demonstrations

  • What's New from the Trimble Mapping/GIS Division~ Chad Hall, Trimble Field Solutions Division

  • PMC's Web GIS Services Utilizing the Internet and ArcIMS~ Matt Boeck, PMC, ProMap Corporation

  • CCGIS - City & County GIS~ Richard Bunten and Kevin Morrissey, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.

  • Color Imagery of the Seven County Twin Cities Metropolitan Area~ Art Wolfe, Custom Image and Cartography

Noon Awards Luncheon

1:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

Session F - Statewide Issues

  • Panel: Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Floodplain Mapping~ Ogbazghi "Obi" Sium; Minnesota DNR, Dave Gorg, Mn/DOT; Mike Leegard, Mn/DOT

  • Panel: The Digital Imagery I-Plan~ Ron Wencl, USGS, Dan Hockert USDA Farm Service Agency, and Bill Befort, MNDNR

Session G - Forest Management

  • Utilizing GIS for Mapping Reforestation of an Agricultural Landscape, 1939-1993, in Coon Creek Watershed, Wisconsin~ Martha Kelty Roldan, Saint Mary's University

  • Quantifying the Effects of Spatial Resolution and Aggregation on GIS Representation of Forest Landscape Patterns~ Ryan W. Kirk and Paul V. Bolstad, Saint Mary's University

  • New Technologies in Operational Forest Mapping~ D. Samuel Rajasekhar, Minnesota DNR

Session H - Parcel Mapping

  • Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Parcel Mapping~ Annette Theroux and Lisa Schaefer, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.

  • A Statewide Parcel Map Inventory~ Jay Krafthefer, Mn/DOT, William J. Craig, CURA, Annette Theroux, Pro-West & Associates, Inc

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Parcel Map Maintenance~ Mark Sloan and Carol Wickenheiser, Clay County

Session I - Data Design & Implementation

  • Panel: Issues in the Design and Implementation of Data Access Mechanisms~ Dan Falbo, ESRI, Randall Johnson, MetroGIS, Hank Garie, New Jersey Office of Information Technology, David Arbeit, LMIC, Alan Hobscheid, Cook County, Illinois and others

Session J - Remote Sensing / Photogrammetry

  • Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Mining~ Ranga R.Vatsavai and Thomas E. Burk, University of Minnesota

  • The use of Landsat Imagery for the Development of a Water Quality Atlas of Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes~ Leif Olmanson Marvin E. Bauer, Patrick L. Brezonik University of Minnesota

  • Extending High Resolution Satellite Imagery to City-Scale GIS Applications~ Kali Sawaya, Leif Olmanson, and Marvin Bauer, University of Minnesota, Tami Maddio, City of Eagan

Project Demonstrations

  • Wireless Map Service on the Palm~ Matt McGuire, University of Minnesota

  • Pipeline Mapping - Developing a Custom ArcGIS~ Barry Drazkowski, St. Mary's University

  • Creating a County Plat Book using GIS~ Jerry Happel, PlanSight LLC , Denny Kron, Scott Marlin, Stearns County

3:00 p.m. Break

3:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

Session K - Data Sharing

  • Panel: Facilitating Data Sharing: What You Need to Know about Data Practices~ The Minnesota Governor’s Council Data Committee

Session L - Soils and Geology

  • Panel: Digital Soil Information for Minnesota: A Status Update~ Don Yaeger, LMIC, and others

  • Evolution in the Design and Management of Geological and Resource Data~ Renee Johnson and Jonathan B. Ellingson, Minnesota DNR

Session M - Local Government

  • Dakota County GIS's Role in Preparing for Emergency Situations~ Todd Lusk, Dakota County

  • GIS Staff Sharing for Municipal Governments~ Laura Wendt, PlanSight, LLC

  • Rural County GIS Solutions: Addressing, New "DOQs," and Snowplow Routing~ Linda Tomaselli, GIS Research and Development Consultants

Session N - Internet Solutions

  • Minnesota Watersheds Online: Building an Interactive Mapping Website~ Marcelle Caturia, University of Minnesota

  • Web Mapping and the Red River Basin Decision Information Network~ Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering, Inc.

  • Building an Online Public Information Site~ Galen Neste, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.

Session O - Public Safety

  • Solving Complex Problems with GIS and Meteorological Data~ Ronald J. Sznaider, Meteorlogix

  • From Data Capture to Spatial Analysis: Firewise~ Tom Eiber and Dave Schuller, Minnesota DNR, Sara Damon, Stillwater High School

  • Dakota County CJIIN: Crime Analysis and GIS Integration~ Mary Hagerman, Dakota County

Project Demonstrations

  • Integrating GIS with Document Imaging and Retrieving~ Blake Crandall, City of Savage

  • Address Geocoding Made Easier~ Kent Tupper, Dakota County

  • Planning Places with GIS~ Jeffrey M. Bloomquist and Aaron Buffington, Minnesota Planning

5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Vendors Reception and Poster Session

Prize Drawings (must be present to win); Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres and Cash Bar

Friday Conference Program

7:30 a.m. Conference Registration and Materials Pick-Up

8:00 a.m. Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall Opens

8:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

Session P - Census Issues

  • TIGER Modernization in the State of Minnesota~ Wes Flack, U.S. Census Bureau

  • American Indian Geography: Standardization of Definitions and Boundaries~ Vince Osier, U.S. Census Bureau

  • A Web-based Boundary and Annexation Survey~ Dorothy Stroz, U.S. Census Bureau

Session Q - Urban Landscape

  • Panel: Guiding Smart Growth in Exurban Landscapes Through the Design of a Green Infrastructure Framework~ David G. Pitt, Josh Kinney, Katherine Thering, Douglas VanValkenburg, University of Minnesota

  • Analysis of Landscape Changes in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area using Landsat Change Classifications and Landscape Metrics~ Karin van Ewijk and Marvin Bauer, University of Minnesota

Session R - Cadastral Data and Property Assessment

  • Panel: Cadastral Data and Property Assessment: Case Studies and Observations~ Dan Falbo, ESRI, Denny Kron, Stearns County; Mary Durward, St. Louis County; Alan Hobscheid and Kevin Burden, Cook County, Illinois; David Brandt, Washington County

Session S - Facilities Management

  • Data Collection for a Utilities GIS~ John F. Erickson, Ayres Associates

  • Hydraulic Infrastructure Predictive Model~ Thomas Martin, Mn/DOT

  • Urban Stormwater Modeling Using GIS~ Richard Gleason, HDR Engineering Inc. and Matt Moore, South Washington Watershed District

Session T - Management Strategies

  • Developing Better Communication and Public Trust Regarding Airport Noise with Internet GIS~ Mark Kill, Metropolitan Airports Commission

  • Improving Data Accessibility Using a Relational Database: Implications for the Management of Large Datasets~ Joe Gilbert and Mark Packard, Summit Envirosolutions

  • GIS in Mn/DOT~ Mike Barnes, Mn/DOT

Product Demonstrations

  • The Future of Public Works Management~ Damon Dougherty, Intergraph Mapping & GIS Solution

  • GPS Innovation and New Products from Leica Geosystems~ Andrew Plackner, Leica Geosystems and Stephen Nicholson, Kunde Co., Inc.

10:00 a.m. Break

10:30 am Concurrent Sessions

Session U - Outreach

  • Panel: Conversation on Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Outreach/Education Activities~ Susanna McMaster, University of Minnesota, Banette Kritzky, Mn/DOT, Joella Givens, Mn/DOT, and Theresa Foster, Howard R. Green

  • GIS Certification and Ethics~ Will Craig, Center for Urban & Regional Affairs

Session V - Conservation

  • Assessing Significant Natural Resource Areas in the Twin Cities~ Bart Richardson and Siobhan Boylan, Minnesota DNR

  • GIS for National Wildlife Refuge Conservation Planning~ Karen V. Walker, Paul V. Bolstad, John H. Schomaker Thomas E. Burk, University of Minnesota

  • The Use of GIS and the Internet in Nepal's Community-based Tiger Conservation Project~ Pericles S. Nacionales, Bhim Gurung, Mahendra Shrestha and James L. David Smith, University of Minnesota

Session W - Data Sharing and Distribution

  • The National Map Mapping Partnership Offices, A New Operating Model for the U.S. Geological Survey's National Mapping Program~ Kari Craun, U.S. Geological Survey

  • The MetroGIS DataFinder Café: A New Tool for Custom Data Sharing~ Mark Kotz and Alison Slaats, Metropolitan Council

  • Building Geospatial Data Hub of Southern Minnesota~ Jiyeong Lee, Mankato State University

Session X - Data Collection

  • Panel: Custom Field Data Acquisition for Electrical Distribution Systems~ Tony Wright and Steve Bruggeman, Maier Engineering, Inc., Sean Solberg, MiniMax Software Corporation

  • Data Management with GIS for Electric Utilities~ Joe Buttweiler and Eric Potvin, United Services Group/Great River Energy

Session Y - Community GIS

  • GIS and Community Organizations: The Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System Project~ Jeff Matson, Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System and Elena Gaarder, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

  • The National Historical Geographic Information System Project~ Robert McMaster and Mark Lindberg, University of Minnesota

  • GIS for Schools: The Minnesota Environmental Atlas~ Jim Ramstrom and Ken Pekarek, LMIC

Project Demonstrations

  • Rural County GIS Solutions: Snowplow Routing and Route Map Updating~ Linda Tomaselli, GIS Research and Development Consultants

  • Demonstration of Minnesota Watersheds Online Interactive Mapping Website~ Marcelle Caturia, University of Minnesota

  • Creating a Police Incident Mapping Application with ArcView~ Keith Anderson and Ben Verbick, LOGIS

11:00 a.m. Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall Closes

Noon Closing Luncheon

  • Ron Onderjka, National Security Imagery Expert - From Hilltop to Hyper-spectral

1:30 p.m. Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Business Meeting and Year End Review

2:00 p.m. Prize Drawings (must be present to win) Adjournment


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