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DAY 2 - Friday 21 August 2009

NCI: Development of International Resources as Required for Personalized Medicine
Lawrence Clarke

A strategic roadmap for e-health in Australia
Peter Fleming

Medical service innovation in residential aged-care - an evaluation of the HealthCube ICT- enabled comprehensive medical assessment service
Andrew Georgiou, Johanna Westbrook, Paul Nicolarakis & Antonia Hordern

Benefits measurement from the use of an Automated Anaesthetic Record Keeping System (AARK)
Sue McLellan, Mary Galvin & David McMaugh

A spatiotemporal model for infl uenza
Stefan Edlund, Michal Bromberg, Gabriel Chodick, Judith Douglas, Daniel Ford , Zalman Kaufman, Justin Lessler, Rachel Marom, Yossi Mesika, Roni Ram

Complex adaptive systems as a model for evaluating organisational change caused by the introduction of health information systems
Kieren Diment, Ping Yu & Karin Garrety

Challenges in health data - secondary data, modeling meaning
Heather Grain & Evelyn Hovenga

Can we trust to Open Source Software in Intensive Care
Jacques Massaut, Oaleed Noordally & Pascal Reper

Using SNOMED CT-enabled data collections in a national clinical research program: primary care data can be used in secondary studies
Donna Truran, P Saad, M Zhang, K Innes, M Kemp, S Huckson & S Bennetts

A simple pipeline application for identifying and negating SNOMED clinical terminology in free text
Anthony Nguyen, Michael J. Lawley, David P. Hansen & Shoni Colquist

Looking Forward in Tracking Mental Illness
J Bishop & A Bishop

Mirrijini Dispense System (MDS)- Managing Medicines in remote Aboriginal Clinics
G Stevens

The Use of CDMS for Collaborative Care (Wagner Chronic Care Model)
M Georgeff & J Hilton

Implementing eReferral and Service Coordination in the Health and Community Sector - from the bottom up.
A Ratnayeke

Maximising the benefits of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) integration in clinical contexts: a linear conduit
C Unnithan, R Smith & B Fraunholz

Computerized authorization system for prepaid forms in Meuhedet HMO
Dany Villa, David Fuchs & Shula Witz

The use of wireless technology and hand held computers in the acute care setting to improve patient safety
Maureen Farrell, Ian Baldwin & Katy Weare

Foundational Principles for Databases: Isolated or Interoperable (EHR)
Ronald Hicks

Is a Health and Wellness program based on Telehealth profitable in a workplace environment? A managerial approach
Jean-Pierre Tang-Taye & Allan Turner

Multi System Interoperability using Internet based Technology and a Federated Architecture
A Shane Brown, U Bayliss & B Friedman

Prompting and monitoring patient compliance using SMS Medication Support System
G Stevens

Implementation Experiences of the eRx Prescription Exchange
J Kavanagh, P Naismith, F Pyefi nch & A Stephenson

Patient Home Monitoring with Telehealth Technologies in Queensland Health
Daniel Best

High Returns Pharming COWS
Richman R, Cullen J, Laurens J, Tsaprounis G, Segaert N & Burke R

Extracting Existing Usage Data to Predict Future Requirements in Oncology and EMR
Stowasser D, Garrett J, Fahey M, O'Connor R & Clarke L

Implementation Of Population Based Clinical Cancer Data For Gynaecological Cancers
Mok M, Osinski M, Barton M, Farrugia H, Giles G & Chapman A

Alphastudy.com, bridging the healthcare knowledge gap and creating a faster route to knowledge dissemination
Dinh D, Tam T

Wi-Fi Asset Tracking and Management for the Healthcare Enterprise
Conley C

Providing Disease Management to the masses: What role for ICT?
Margelis G

Semantic interoperability is it achievable or should we just stop trying?
Brooks C & Muttitt S

Use of GELLO v.1, GLIF 3.5, SNOMED-CT and EN13606 archetypes
Scott P, McIntyre A, Davison J & Tattam P.

Imagine there's no passwords....
Hockings C

No longer Lost in Translation
Richman R, Chan L, Whitely J, Roberts A, Lippiatt D & Farrell P

Paper-based or paperless? Challenges and Realities of removing paper from the Medical Record
Thomas D

Security as a Service - A Low Risk Approach to Integrating with NEHTA's Security Specifi cations
Readshaw N

eWebstercare online ordering and communication system
Stevens G

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Possibilities and Challenges
James Kavanagh

WiFi Technologies for Health
Adam Callender

Closing Address
Michael Legg