HIC 2009 Downlods Page 1

Why Are We Talking About Broadband Here?
Lawrence Paratz

Data + Analytics (+ Visualization) = Information
Louise Ryan

Biomedical Informatics, Transforming Healthcare one individual at a time
Omid Moghadan

Interpreting the Tea Leaves: TenTrends in Healthcare, Lab Medicine, and Pathology Informatics
Bruce Friedman

Telecare: Progress since the introduction of financial incentives in the UK
Janette Bennett

Information for guided chronic disease self-management in community settings
Jeffrey Soar& Szu-Yao (Zoe) Wang

Statewide Paperless Health Record for Queensland Sexual Health Clinics
Mark Counter

Impact of rapid roaming user access on workforce efficiency in aged care
Cathie Steele, Tanya Connors & Frank Smolenaers

Building SNOMED CT reference sets for use as interface terminologies
David Hansen, Marcel Giermanski, Monika Dujmovic, Josh Passenger & Michael Lawley

Applied data linkage: From dirty data to clean complete patient records in Emergency Healthcare
Marilla O'Dwyer, John O'Dwyer, Kerri Melki, Julia Crilly, James Lind

Effi cacy of electronic discharge summaries: a case study at two hospitals
John Forsythe, Andria MacDonald, Emily Wilhelm, Melanie Strachan & David Evans

Economically Effective Health Information Management
Chris Stephens

Evolution of personal health records in Singapore
Michael Steine & P. Apostopolous

Mapping existing medical terminologies to SNOWMED CT; An investigation of the non-expert user's experience
D Vickers & M Lawley

Reliable, Secure, Confi dential and Safe Integrated Healthcare Record Sharing
Janette Bennett

Linked data: Fast, low cost semantic interoperability for health care?
Simon McBride, John Ryan-Brown & Karen Harrap

Ontology mapping between HL7 versions and and OpenEHR for observations messages
Amanda Ryan & Peter Eklund

A dynamic programming algorithms for discovery of antibiotic resistance in microbial genomes
Manal Helal, & Vitali Sintchenko

Health informatics domain knowledge analysis: An information technology perspective
Tony Sahama

Personal health record system assists men with prostate cancer with access to their electronic medical records and e-health tools
Howard Pai, Stuart Jones, Francis Ho, Francis Lau, Jeff Barnett, Stephanie Soon & Maria Cristina Barroetavena

A systematic mechanism for the ethical collection and interpretation of display format pathology test results from Australian Primary Care records
Douglas Boyle & Fabian Kong

Patients and health care providers - concerns about the privacy of Electronic Health Records
Nicola Shaw, Anjali Kulkarni & Rebecca Mador

Identifying and using eHealth phobias to implement communication protocols and change cultural and social behaviours in eHealth
Paul Donaldson, & Tony Sahama

A preliminary investigation of a knowledge integration tool to improve access to information sources in clinical software
Jean-Pierre Calabretto, James Reeve & Bryn Lewis

Intensive care unit nurse workflow during shift change prior to the introduction of a critical care clinical information system
N Shaw, M Ballermann, R Hagtvedt, S Ho, D Mayes & R Gibney

Use of electronic patient management systems and the impact of drug interaction warnings: the General Practice Research Network
Geoffrey Sayer & Susan Whicker

New decision support paradigm for bioinformatics in antibiotics prescription support systems
Guy Tsafnat, Line R. Sanden & Ninna Kaesler

Widespread Uptake and Use of a Primary Care Data Tool by General Practices in Victoria
R Nable, P McDonnell, J Edgecumbe

Geospatial solutions for Critical Care Resource Evaluation and Planning
A Flanbouris, V Nichols

The ageing population, accessing services with the help of technology
T Cordwell

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in general practice in Sri Lanka
Sisira Edirippulige, RB Marasinghe, HMSP Bandara & MTM Jiffry

The challenges of using technology in a busy Emergency Department A case study of a next generation ED management information system
Julie Li, Joanne Callen, Andrew Georgiou & Johanna Westbrook

Developing approaches to measure the quality of electronic nursing documentation in aged care homes
Ning Wang, Ping Yu, Davi d Hailey, Deborah Oxlade

Prospective biosurveillance for early detection of disease outbreaks
Mahmood Akhtar, Blanca Gallego, Andy Yi-Chih Shiue & Vitali Sintchenko,

Healthcare software quality model
Zoe Wong

Evidence based healthcare planning in developing countries: An informatics perspective
Indika Ranasinghe, Tony Sahama & Prasad Yaralagadda